Single nucleus transcriptome analysis

Transcriptome analysis at the single cell level from frozen tissue is
now possible.

Single nucleus transcriptome analysis (single nucleus analysis) is a method to analyze the entire transcriptome from a single nucleus. This cutting-edge technology can analyze tissue which cannot be assessed by single cell transcriptome analysis (single cell analysis). Single nucleus analysis uses frozen tissue to identify pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases that are difficult to identify with conventional single cell analysis. In addition to single cell analysis, Axcelead DDP has established a novel technique for preparing brain tissue nuclei which has been difficult to implement until now. Furthermore, drug discovery research, such as the identification of novel targets and biomarkers based on the transcriptome analysis, has accelerated with the support of experienced bioinformaticians through their consideration of the analysis results.

Now it is possible to handle tissue
that could not be assessed by single cell analysis.

What is possible with single nucleus analysis?

1.A New Approach to Identify Pathophysiological Mechanisms

2.Realization of a flexible test plan

Nuclear acquisition

Transcriptome analysis

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【Application Examples】
Exploration of new drug targets and biomarkers through identification of pathological mechanisms

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