Our Strengths

Axcelead is the first integrated drug discovery solutions provider
in the pharmaceutical industry in Japan

Axcelead inherited nearly all of its proprietary platform in preclinical drug discovery research from the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. At Axcelead, over 90% of our management leadership have worked as pharma scientists with rich experience in drug discovery as well as lab scientists.
We are keenly aware of both the promise and rigor inherent in drug discovery research. It is because we address the science earnestly, hold deep-dive discussions with our clients and are fully committed to the success of each project.

1. Providing Multiple Approaches and Methods to Solve Problems
 — Bringing our Expertise to Bear

Axcelead scientists all have been involved in many drug discovery projects with a solid track record of overcoming difficult challenges. It is for this very reason that we are able to provide numerous ways and means to overcome potential obstacles, starting with the assay plan design and throughout the life of the project.
We strive for flexible and rapid problem solutions by gasping the key point so as to keep the project on-track, and suggesting the most appropriate measures from various solutions.

2. Seamless Support

In the face of year over year increases in the difficulty of drug discovery research, Axcelead takes a multi-disciplinary approach as it tackles every increasingly complex issues, ranging from developing an initial solution to implementation and then achieving the final goal.

3. Cutting Edge Technology

Axcelead’s research technologies are all optimized for “successful drug discovery.”
One example is our high-throughput screening using the industry’s largest library, holding over 1.5 million high quality compounds, which boasts a hit rate of higher than 90%.
In the lead generation/optimization stage, for which both speed and quality are important, a system is in place for high-throughput parallel synthesis and ADME-Tox assay.
On a daily basis Axcelead pursues a high level of technology that surmounts the high barriers in place for drug discovery by making full use of our wealth of expertise and knowledge backed by experience.

4. Acquisition of New Technology for Enhanced Research

Leveraging our experience with small molecule drug discovery, acquired during our time with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, we are also focusing on new modality research technologies such as peptide drug discovery, nucleic acid drug discovery and regenerative medicine. To further strengthen our integrated platform of drug discovery we are actively entering into partnerships. For example, using the Novel Transdermal Drug Delivery System (PassPort Technologies, Inc.) that dramatically improves the absorption of medium/high molecules and introducing phenotypic screening using iPs cells.
Axcelead will continue to stay ahead of the curve to support clients aiming to create breakthrough pharmaceutical products.
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