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Axcelead is the first integrated drug discovery solutions provider in the pharmaceutical industry in Japan, having succeeded the unique and comprehensive capabilities of drug discovery from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited: “Experienced Scientists”, “Cutting -edge Technology Platform”, and “Huge Historical Drug Discovery Data”, and started its business in 2017. Leveraging the proprietary capabilities — we discuss together, challenge together and solve the problems hand-in-hand with our clients in every aspect of drug discovery as “PRO (Partnership Research Organization)” — the best partner for drug discovery players, and contribute to the creation of innovative medicines to the world.

Achieve distinction in the Field of Drug Discovery
— the “3 Betters” of Axcelead

Better Target

Better Target

In order to determine the optimal drug discovery target, we validate both its potential for drug discovery and therapeutic hypothesis on a given disease. In recent years, it is getting harder to discover promising targets and opportunities in drug discovery.We offer to expand the opprtunities utilizing various approaches of target search, identification and validation based on our broad biology platforms and rich experiences on drug discovery. incorporating an AI-based approach free from cognitive bias and the state-of-the-art wet techniques, such as CRISPR-Cas based Genome Editing.

Better Molecule

Better Molecule

After initially narrowing down a promising compound group that act on the target, our next step is to further optimize candidate compounds for development that have high activity, good pharmacological properties and pharmacokinetics profile, and a high level of safety to ensure only those targets worthy of development are selected. Our huge and drug-likelibrary, consisting of over 1.5 million compounds, helps to support promising hit finding process. Furthermore, the rapid and high performance “compound design-synthesis-evaluation-analysis” cycle in lead generation/optimization process, refined in our days as a pharmaceutical company, is the key to successful ”candidate” generation.

Better Translation

Better Translation

While advancing IND applications is necessary, it is clear that being able to predict the appropriate dosage, pharmacokinetics and efficacy in clinical trials is an equally important. We can offer the PK/PD modeling and simulation enabling rapid design of the clinical trial dose. Our scientists, who have succeeded in numerous projects to date, greatly increases the probability of successful clinical trials.

At Axcelead, completing studies specified by our clients is simply not enough. As your partner, we make every effort to ensure you achieve your project goals. Our experienced scientists, while always pursuing the 3 Betters, act as your guide and lead the way to the next step in drug discovery.

Solutions for Individual Subjects

Leveraging the rich experience, high expertise and broad capabilities nurtured as a pharmaceutical company we offer solutions to multitude of problems in drug discovery on an individual basis

Integrated Drug Discovery

Clients and Axcelead, by leveraging their respective strengths, promote the project together

Solutions in terms of a specific research theme, stage or modality

Solutions for Individual

Axcelead offers the optimum solution in line with your research subject

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Integrated Drug

Axcelead offers fully integrated drug discovery services from target discovery to IND enabling translational research

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New Modalities

The new modalities including regenerative medicine, nucleic acids, and peptide drug discovery support epoch-making discovery research

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Consulting services

Our highly experienced and expert consultants take care of your non-clinical development strategy and work to solve any problems in drug discovery

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For clients interested in out-licensing



Aimed at bio-venture companies, academia, and companies planning to enter the pharmaceutical industry who wish to out-license

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From Initial Contact to Services Rendered

Contact Us

Without entering into a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), conduct an open discussion to allow the client to detail their current concerns and expectations without providing confidential information.

CDA Execution

If necessary, a CDA will be entered into and then we will request detailed information regarding the target, etc. Later, we will introduce the solution that we can provide to the client.

Proposal & Quotation

Drawing upon our rich experience to date in the field of drug discovery a proposal and estimate will be furnished with the optimum solution in line with the client’s goals and expectations.


Contract Finalization

We will discuss detailed information including the scope of work, research scheme, and payment terms, and move toward the conclusion of a contract.

Providing Solutions

Initiate study or a project. We will establish regular briefing sessions and an environment of open discussion and aim to ensure the mutual sharing of information with clients in a timely manner while making certain any problems are quickly resolved.


A final report will be provided to the client that details the deliverables (reports, test data, and compounds, etc.) agreed to in the contract, the completion of same and thus represents the conclusion of the agreement.


We enjoy the patronage of over 100 facilities, including pharmaceutical companies, venture companies and academia