Functional Service


We can support to identify high-quality hit compounds for your target  with high-quality compound library and multiple high-throughput screening platforms

◇ High-throughput screening (HTS) service

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Hit finding
Planning of hit identification strategy ▶ Target assessment
▶ Design of screening cascade
▶ Proposal of compound library
Assay development for screening ▶ Material preparation (cDNAs, proteins, cells)
▶ Assay development
(Enzymes, GPCRs, transporters, ion channels, nuclear receptors, etc.)
▷ Biochemical assay
▷ Biophysical assay
▷ Phenotypic assay (Cell line, Primary cells, iPS cells)
▷ Protein-protein interaction; PPI
▷ Electrophysiological assay
High throughput screen (HTS)*

*Various read-outs including also radiometric formats
*Ability to perform HTS under BSL2 conditions
▶ Assay adaptation for HTS (full automation, miniaturization)
▶ Pilot screen (HTS assay validation)
▶ HTS campaign and Data analysis
▷ Primary screening
▷ Counter screening
▷ EC50/IC50 measurement
▷ Purity test
▶ Hit follow up
(Hit expansion, species difference, selectivity, mechanism of action, etc.)
Lead generation/optimization
in vitro evaluation of compounds for hit/lead/IND generation
in vitro profiling and MOA/kinetics analysis
Biochemical analysis
Biophysical analysis(SPR, ASMS, TSA, ITC, NMR)
Structural biology for SBDD and FBDD
Cell-based assay
Compound library management
Compound logistics ▶ Compound storage (Vials, tubes; 96&384 tube, Plates; 96&384&1536 well)
▶ Compound quality control
▶ Powder weighing
▶ Liquid handling and reformatting
▶ Compound information management
▶ Managing, recording and reporting of all manipulation of client samples
Library management ▶ Consulting services
Facilities and Equipment ▶ Lab-automation system
▶ Fully automated storage systems
▶ Compound Logistics IT system
(managing, recording and reporting of all operations of client samples)