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Using our research capability for DMPK and Bioanalysis, we support acceleration and success of customer's projects from drug discovery to development widely.
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ADME Screening
ADME Screening ▶ Purity
▶ Kinetic solubility
▶ log D
▶ MDR1 substrate screening (using NIH MDR1-MDCK cell)
▶ Metabolic stability
▶ CYP inhibition
▶ CYP3A time-dependent inhibition (TDI)
▶ CYP induction
▶ Plasma protein binding
▶ Cassette dosing (rodents)
Discovery DMPK Studies
Bioanalysis (including method development)
In vitro studies ▶ CYP phenotyping studies
▶ CYP3A time-dependent inhibition (TDI)
▶ CYP induction
▶ Non-CYP metabolism studies
▶ Hepatocyte metabolic clearance
▶ Metabolite structural analysis (in vitro/in vivo)
▶ GSH/CN trapping studies
▶ Blood/plasma concentration ratio
▶ Substrate specificity studies using various transporter-expressing cells
▶ Inhibition studies using various transporter-expressing cells
▶ Plasma protein binding
▶ Skin permeability studies
Pharmacokinetic studies in various animal species ▶ Cassette dosing (non-rodents)
▶ Tissue distribution, urinary/biliary excretion
▶ Parenteral administration (transdermal, intranasal, pulmonary, sublingual, intrarectal, etc.)
Compound optimization / translational research ▶ Structure-property relationship
▶ DDI risk assessment
▶ Human PK, effective concentrations, and effective doses prediction
▶ PK/PD/E analysis, TK/TD analysis, modelling & simulation (Business partnership with Leiden Advanced PK/PD)
Physicochemistry and Preformulation Studies
Physicochemical property profiling ▶ Purity
▶ Crystal form / crystallinity
▶ Thermal property
▶ Hygroscopicity
▶ Particle size
▶ Thermodynamic solubility, etc.
Development form selection
Formulation for animal experiments
Stability (solid, solution, dosing formulation)