Drug Discovery/Scientific Research
for Cancer Immunotherapy

Axcelead strongly supports research in drug discovery for cancer immunotherapy, focusing on immune profiling within a tumor.

Optimal solutions in drug discovery for cancer immunotherapy are proposed and implemented, accelerating advancement in this field.

A multi-faceted approach to immune profiling within a tumor

In addition, please consult Axcelead regarding an effective test design using the latest analytical techniques!

As experts in drug discovery and as a partner to our customers,
we provide total support in drug discovery research in the field of cancer immunity

Ex.1 : in vitro assessment of immune cells

In drug discovery research in the field of cancer immunotherapy, assessment of complex biology is required and usually requires in vivo tumor models. However, differences between animal species and low throughput are issues in an in vivo model. Although reproducing the tumor environment in vitro is not simple. Axcelead can successfully design and construct an appropriate in vitro testing system that can meet your objective, and perform PoC confirmation and assessment of compounds.

Ex.2 : Assessment of drug efficacy using CAR-T cells

Therapeutic modalities, including cell therapy and gene therapy, are rapidly expanding within drug discovery research in the field of cancer. Axcelead has accumulated experience in small molecule drug discovery and has expanded the range of such modalities. An example of a test to assess anti-tumor efficacy using CAR-T is shown in the figure on the left. Axcelead can provide a test design which selects the most suitable model, considers the dosing regime, and includes a toxicity assessment.

Examples of how we can help

We provide flexible support according to your goals and conditions!

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