The fully integrated service for the fastest and most successful mRNA vaccine and therapeutics discovery from scratch

Efficient design, synthesis, and evaluation of mRNA

Quick optimization of mRNA sequences
– Original design methods of CDS, UTR, and polyA tail
– Minimization of rare codons

Successful mRNA synthesis and QC technology
– Established and accurate Drug Substance manufacturing technologies licensed from Arcturus Therapeutics
– Aditional evaluation of optimized mRNA/LNP upon the customerʼs request

▶Cell-based evaluation of protein expression levels
– Index the translational efficiency in culture cells due to sequence differences

Robust LNP formulation and evaluation technology

Successful LNP formulation
– Established LNP formulation by micro-flow
– Characterization capability of LNP

Diverse in vitro and in vivo evaluation capability
– In vitro evaluation and subcellular localization
– In vivo evaluation and tissue distribution by IVIS imaging system
– Immune response caused by mRNA/LNP
– Efficacy using various disease models

Concrete support by experts
– Evaluation by each technology experts
– One-stop task control by your product manager

mRNA design, synthesis, and evaluation service

ARCALIS designs, synthesizes, and evaluates about ten mRNAs as an initial candidate group and determines candidate sequences to proceed to LNP formulation.

mRNA sequence design

Designs mRNA sequences, which are expected to express target proteins efficiently according to our original algorism and experimental data, and selects the most appropriate manufacturing methods, based on their mRNA sequences.

mRNA synthesis and quality control (QC)

Template DNA synthesis based on our original design, followed by in vitro transcription (IVT) and purification to produce a group of mRNAs. As a basic QC, mRNA yield (UV) and mRNA integrity (CE) will be provided.

Selection of candidate mRNAs by in vitro evaluation

Will evaluate protein expression level by candidate mRNAs in culture cells. Alternatively, ELISA and/or western blotting will be conducted depending on customers’ presence or absence of evaluation methods.

LNP formulation, in vitro or in vivo evaluation service

Axcelead DDP supports the evaluation of mRNA delivery by LNP.

LNP formulation

Will encapsulate mRNA synthesized by ARCALIS with lipids selected by customers

In vitro evaluation

Will evaluate mRNA transfection efficiency and target protein expression in target cells and immune response analysis based on cytokine production using human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).

In vivo evaluation

Will evaluate the efficacy, body distribution of mRNA by IVIS imaging system, target protein expression, distribution in tissue, immune response, and safety.