Step 3- Supporting Clinical Practice through Non-Clinical Data Acquisition & Analysis Services

7. Efficacy & Safety Evaluation through the Use of Molecular Pathology and Histopathological Analysis

Through the analysis of transplanted cells and devices by means of immunohistochemistry, the degree of cell engraftment and cell differentiation, and the effects of transplanted devices on hosts are evaluated from the aspect of histopathology. Based on the high level of expertise, abundant experience and technology acquired over many years by our research team in Axcelead, the appropriate antibodies are selected and validated, and optimal staining conditions are set up within 2 weeks on average.
Our service is not limited to staining, we also provide a single consultation to assist in your sampling, fixing and determining of the appropriate analysis over every histopathological method. Moving beyond manual staining, we also offer multiple and simultaneous specimen processing through the use of 2 types of automated staining equipment.

自動染色装置 Roche VENTANA Discovery XT
Automated staining equipment
Roche VENTANA Discovery XT
自動染色装置 Leica BOND RX
Automated staining equipment

Multiple and simultaneous sample processing is performed using automated staining equipment. The equipment also supports single and double staining (chromogenic and fluorogenic).

8. Efficacy & Safety Evaluation using Biomarker analysis

By utilizing various automated equipment for analysis, it becomes possible to measure blood and urine parameters of various species, such as mice, rats, dogs, monkeys, pigs and human subjects, as well as to examine urine sediment and bone marrow. Efficacy and safety are evaluated by biomarker analysis of the blood, which in turn supports clinical applications.

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All of the following tests are available: hematology, blood chemistry, blood coagulation, urine chemistry, urine strip, urine sediment and bone marrow examination.

血液・尿生化学的検査 LABOSPECT008
Automated blood and urine chemistry analyzer LABOSPECT008
尿自動分析装置 クリニテックアドバンタス
Automated urine analyzer
Clinitek Advantus
血液凝固系検査 CS2000i
Automated blood coagulation analyzer
Automated hematology analyzer

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