HTS(High Throughput Screening)

HTS (High-throughput screening) is a drug discovery process to identify hit compounds as chemical starting points through compound library screening.

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Our HTS platforms and services for your drug discovery

  • Seamless services from assay development through hit/lead finding with well-experienced and high expertise
  • HTS platform covering a wide range of target classes and phenotypes
  • Pharma-origin vast library with high quality and diverse structure
  • One-stop Hit follow-up service

Seamless screening platform from assay development
through HTS with well-experienced and high expertise professionals

Axcelead provides hit compounds including high-value information.

■ Compound profiles based on Axcelead original data.

  • Cytotoxicity data (only for compounds tested in-house so far)
  • Biological annotations of hit compounds

■ Review of hit compounds by medicinal chemists in Axcelead

  • Clustering of hit compounds by Axcelead original algorithm
  • Comments on structural characteristics of each cluster

■ Drug-like properties (QED, HBA/HBD, AlogP, tPSA, number of aromatic ring, Fsp3 etc.)

Result report image

Assay development and high-throughput screening platforms
covering a wide range of target classes

Axcelead proposes and conducts suitable material preparation (recombinant proteins and stable cell lines) for your HTS.

Major Axcelead assay platforms

  • GPCRs
  • Enzymes
  • Ion channels/Transporters
  • Nuclear receptors
  • PPI (protein-protein interaction)
  • Nucleic acids (RNA targeted drugs etc.)
  • High-throughput Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) for screening
  • Phenotypic screening
    e.g.) High content screening, Reporter gene assay,Gene expression analysis

Vast compound libraries with high quality and diverse structure

Axcelead proposes the optimal compound libraries for your HTS.

Axcelead compound library

■Diversity libraries

Single library 220,000 compounds
Pooled library 500,000 compounds
 (Standard 320,000 cpds)

You can choose either or both of pooled and single libraries that pursue lead-likeness and diversity. CNS focused, Fragment, and low cytotoxic compounds for cell-based screening libraries are available

■Focused libraries

  • Libraries for target classes (Kinase, GPCR, Protease, PPI, etc.)
  • Macrocyclic
  • Molecular Glue
  • RNA
  • Covalent
  • Extended rule of 5
  • Natural product
  • Annotation

Biologically annotated library for phenotypic screening is available

High quality compound library

One-stop post HTS service
Hit expansion, Orthogonal assay, ADMET profiling

Axcelead supports to generate Advanced Hit compounds with several approaches including orthogonal assay.

Axcelead biophysical analysis

  • Affinity selection-mass spectrometry (AS-MS)
  • Thermal shift assay (TSA)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC)
  • Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
  • X-ray crystallography

Solutions for your unique needs and challenges

Utilizing our accumulated expertise and high-quality compound library, we will identify promising hit compounds that contribute to the success of LG/LO. Please refer to the following for tailored solutions and examples that align with your challenges.

We can also support Target Validation. Please feel free to contact us.

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