Discovery of anti-NASH drugs and research of NASH pathophysiology

We totally support the development of anti-NASH drugs from target validation to evaluation in animal models!

Despite the increasing number of patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) worldwide, there is no effective treatment. A multilateral approach, such as elucidation of the etiology and disease progression, selection of promising compounds, and establishment of useful biomarkers, etc., is required for the development of anti-NASH drugs. Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners (hereinafter referred to as Axcelead DDP) provides appropriate solutions by utilizing abundant assay systems and various NASH models.

Step 1. Target identification and validation (e.g., KO/Tg mice)

Step 2. High-throughput screening

Step 3. Cellular assay
Antifibrotic evaluation in a co-culture system of hepatocyte + hepatic stellate cell

In the early stages of drug development, candidate compounds for in vivo experiments are selected by a cellular assay mimicking NASH patients.

Step 4. Evaluation in NASH model
(e.g., PK/PD assay, drug efficacy)

Step 4-1. Drug efficacy evaluation in various NASH model

Multilateral evaluation in the best NASH models for your target molecule contributes to increasing the success rates of clinical trials.

Step 4-2. Histopathological evaluation

*1 JSTP: Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology, JCVP: Japanese Collage of Veterinary Pathologists
*2 NAS: NAFLD Activity Score (used widely for diagnosis or as a measure for therapeutic response)

With one-stop service ranging from blood parameter measurement to pathological evalulation, we can quickly deliver the data necessary for drug efficacy determination and contribute to rapid drug discovery research.

Step 4-3. Evaluation of inflammatory response

With abundant experience and knowledge, we provide appropriate solutions for drug efficacy evaluation, MOA analysis and new target identification on inflammatory and immune responses in NASH

Based on our experience and knowhow obtained from the large number of evaluations of compounds and siRNAs, we propose the best NASH model and parameters for your request.
Choose Axcelead DDP for your anti-NASH drug discovery!

【Available modality】
Low molecular weight compound, Peptide, Nucleic acid *, Antibody, Cell, etc.
*Measurement of siRNA concentration in blood and liver is available.