Integrated pre-clinical development

~Are things like choosing which compounds to develop and
passing IND-enabling studies giving your projects trouble ?~

Axcelead’s Chemistry, Pharmacokinetics and Safety Departments
will work together closely to solve these problems for you.
So, you can leave the hard work to us!

■Our one-stop service means we can take care of safety assessment for you rapidly in the early stages of development.
■We can efficiently synthesize and grind hundreds of grams of APIs for GLP-toxicity tests.
■At the same time, we can also suggest synthesis methods that will help with future production of GLP APIs.

Tailored support for safety assessment in the early stages of development

Advanced suspension prepping:

With our wet ball milling process for prepping high-concentration suspensions, we can even assess the safety of small amounts (just a few grams) of unground compounds.

Enhanced oral bioavailability:

We can propose a wide range of ways to enhance oral bioavailability—such as alternative dosing vehicles for toxicity tests.

Our one-stop service will make quick work of your safety studies:

Our synthesis and safety staff plan the studies together, bringing you potentially massive reductions in time.

Efficient bulk synthesis, right when you need it

Less cost, more speed:

We’ll prep the optimal bulk amounts for safety assessment, provide compounds for TK/MTD tests,
and at the same time, look into scaling up synthesis.

Troubleshooting based on vast experience:

We have a proven record of developing ways to synthesize compounds in bulk when they’re needed for safety assessments.
We can provide key intermediates, main impurities, and isomers

API quality assurance:

We’ll set criteria for the maximum amounts of residual solvents, residual metals, and impurities—and make sure they’re met.
We examine the possibilities of crystal polymorphs early on, so we can start providing ground stable crystals right from the initial toxicity tests.

What’s more, our one-stop service also means lower personnel costs and
less time lost compared to outsourcing testing to multiple organizations.

Axcelead has everything you need for drug discovery, all under one roof.

Other Integrated Solution

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