Comprehensive Support for Peptide Drug Discovery

Ranging from conventional to next-generation peptides, Axcelead meets your needs at different stages of peptide drug discovery.

Feature 1: One-stop service for peptide design, synthesis, and evaluation

Axcelead is a one-stop shop for all the design, synthesis, and evaluation functionalities required for peptide optimization. We rapidly create desired peptides using our unique design, advanced synthesis, and a wide variety of evaluation technologies.

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Feature 2: The best solution to your issues

Axcelead’s technologies, knowledge, experience, and expertise offer optimal solutions to meet your goals in each research stage.

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Feature 3: Peptide-drug conjugate (PDC) discovery

Peptide-drug conjugate is a next-generation drug modality in which medicinal molecules are combined with a peptide that recognizes a specific tissue and cell. The modality is an excellent way to solve issues in delivering medicinal molecules. Axcelead utilizes its know-how and platform technology to provide consistent optimization from linker selection to the overall complex molecular design.

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■Peptide Design

Axcelead creates appropriate peptide sequences with our unique technologies.

Sequence and scaffold designs

・Sequence design to improve pharmacological activity
・Sequence design to improve DMPK
・Scaffold design using in silico technology

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Structural analysis

・Cocrystal structure analysis
・Single-crystal structure analysis
・NMR analysis

In silico analysis

・Identification of hot spots and design proposal
・Binding model analysis and evaluation
・Structure hopping

A-code: In silico drug discovery technology created by Axcelead

■Peptide Synthesis

Handling all peptide-related modalities

Synthesis technology

・Multi-sample parallel synthesis
・High-quality bulk synthesis (e.g., for in vivo test)
・Precise, and high-speed purification


・Short-chain peptides and long-chain peptides
・Cyclic peptides
・Modified peptides
・Peptide conjugates
・Peptide prodrugs
・Nonpeptide polyamide

■Peptide Evaluation

Multifaceted peptide-specific evaluations

Pharmacokinetic and physicochemical property profiling

・Membrane permeability study (PAMPA/Caco-2/MDR1)
・Physicochemical property test (solubility/EPSA/LogD)
・Plasma stability
・Metabolic stability study
・Pharmacokinetic study

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Pharmacology study

・Covering a wide range of disease areas

Preclinical safety evaluation

Axcelead proposes the most efficient strategies and manage the entire study, from planning and execution to interpreting results.
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