All-in-One Solutions for Candidates Generation

Axcelead offers integrated capabilities spanning the Lead Generation/Optimization process. Our scientists, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, keep the project moving forward through high-level “design, synthesis, evaluation and analysis” cycle. Our exceptional discovery engine improves success rates for small molecule and peptide drug discovery campaigns.

Key to Success for Candidate Generation

Extensive experience:Track record of LG/LO from 2017 to 2022

Superior medicinal chemist’s expertise

Axcelead has been involved in many drug discovery PJs (LG/LO), covering major therapeutic areas and target classes.

Sophisticated integrated solutions

Axcelead offer highly advanced and comprehensive drug discovery solutions increasing chance of success.

Fully integrated team under one roof

Our highly experienced chemists and specialists work collaboratively to accelerate the drug discovery process through the seamless execution of the “design, synthesis, evaluation, and analysis” cycle. Let us help you turn your discoveries into groundbreaking treatments.

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