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#04 Omics analysis, creating the future of drug discovery research  ~Mechanism exploration with multilayer-omics analysis~


Tomohiro Andou

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners (hereinafter referred to as Axcelead DDP) are also making a strong effort to expand advanced platform technologies that are necessary for drug discovery research. Among them, the research of omics analysis, which is introduced here, has broadened its scope of research widely over the last decade. I heard the unique focus and future prospects of this drug discovery researcher and felt the new era of drug discovery research coming with this interview. It was so thrilling!

#03 Ion channel drug discovery with leading-edge facilities and a strategic approach!~Drug discovery ability to overcome challenges~


Azusa Seki, Ryosuke Hibino, Mitsuru Hirano

To provide ideal hit compounds to clients who want to create ion channel-targeted drugs, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners (hereinafter referred to as Axcelead DDP) is enhancing a new screening service, for example, constructing assay systems for high-throughput screening (HTS) with the use of automated patch clamp system (SyncroPatch 384PE). This time, we interviewed three specialists in ion channel drug discovery!

#02 Ceaselessly advancing integrated safety assessment of the cardiovascular system


Hiroyasu Miyazaki

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners (hereinafter referred to as Axcelead DDP) performs safety studies that are required for New Drug Application. Following the previous interview, this time we interviewed Dr. Miyazaki, a senior investigator, mainly about safety assessment of a new drug. Dr. Miyazaki has worked on cardiovascular safety pharmacology research for a long time, and created the analytical method that is utilized around the world...!

高砂 浄

#01 Let’s explore the appeal of Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners’ hERG current assay! ~To be the best partner for cardiac toxicity assessment~


Kiyoshi Takasuna

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners (hereinafter referred to as Axcelead DDP) has launched the hERG current assay service using a high-throughput automated patch clamp module SyncroPatch 384PE (Nanion). We interviewed Dr. Takasuna, a director and expert in cardiotoxicity, about the significance of hERG assay in the exploratory and lead compound optimization phase as well as the characteristics of Axcelead DDP’s service!