Contribute to Your Pipeline Generation

Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners (ADDP) fully contributes to your pipeline generation through Axcelead Hit-identified Target(A-HiT) which is a target collection of potential drug candidates. A-HiT project, originated from A-HiT, includes Hit/Lead compounds and assay systems, and enables generation of a high-quality and promising candidate compound in the shortest approach. ADDP scientists not only possess deep knowledge and extensive experience of drug discovery research but also can access various data, which obtained in the pharmaceutical company, such as target proteins, assay/evaluation systems, solutions for ADMET issues, SAR information, X-ray co-crystal structures. We work together with you to promote the drug discovery project and contribute to your pipeline generation efficiently and effectively.

1.What is A-Hit project?
2.An Example of Research Flow
3.Track Record

What is A-Hit project?

✓Start your research from lead generation or optimization stages

✓Offer high-potential targets for successful drug discovery

✓Lead you to the goal with the optimal research plan and the best team

An Example of Research Flow

Track Record

We have already collaborated with a number of global customers, such as Otsuka Pharmaceuticals in CNS area and Evommune in inflammation area.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners announce joint research in ​​CNS indications
Evommune and Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Launch A Collaboration On A PKCtheta Program To Kick-off Evommune’s Inflammation Pipeline

Please feel free to contact us if you

navigate_nextwant to increase the efficiency and speed of your drug discovery research
navigate_nextwant to expand your pipeline with new projects that your company does not currently have
navigate_nextwant to reduce initial investment in a project

If your target of interest is in A-HiT, you can obtain a Powerful Jump Start toward Candidate Selection!