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Meet the Team

Ryo Fukuda DVM, MS, DJSTP
Senior Consultant

Specialty: toxicological pathology, nonclinical safety
Career: In 1988, after getting the master’s degree in veterinary science, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, he joined the Drug Safety Research Laboratories, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. He also studied abroad at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the US while employed after joining Takeda, and served as the global pathology head of Drug Safety Research & Evaluation at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. Since July 2017, he served as the director, leading the Pathology Group, Nonclinical Safety Research at Axcelead DDP, and assumed his current position in April 2020. Outside of work, he was a panel member of Registry of Industrial Toxicology Animal-data, and acts as an expert at ICH S1 Expert Working Group.

Hideo Fukui Ph.D., DABT, DJSOT
Senior Director / Senior Consultant

Specialty: nonclinical safety, gastrointestinal pharmacology
Career: In 1989, after graduating from the Department of Nutritional Biochemistry, School of Bio-agricultural Sciences, Graduate School of Nagoya University, he joined the Drug Safety Research Laboratories, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. In 1993, he got a Ph.D. of pharmacology from the Graduate School of Kyoto University. After studying at the School of Medicine, Colombia University in the US, he led a nonclinical safety evaluation of drugs for gastrointestinal medications at Global Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and had much experience with solving various challenges of toxicity, dealing with regulatory authorities, and engaging in due diligence on in-license candidates. Since July 2018, he has served as the director of the in vivo Toxicity Evaluation Group, Nonclinical Safety Division, Axcelead DDP, and assumed his current position in April 2020. Currently, he has been preparing the nonclinical safety evaluation guidebook for peptides in the AMED nonclinical study research group. He is also the past president of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology (in Kobe) in 2021.

Our achievements (partial)

✓ Discovery of biomarkers for on-target toxicity using KO rats
✓ Elucidation of the mechanism of off-target toxicity, and proposal of clinical biomarkers
✓ Support for a bio-venture company to realize IND of candidate chemical compounds
✓ Support for resolution of clinical holds associated with toxicity, and restarting clinical development
✓ Denial of extrapolation of off-target toxicity to humans by utilizing omics analysis

We offer support catered to your individual goals!

Not just one-shot consulting, we can support you by participating in your project on an FTE basis through discussions. We will contribute to the advancement and acceleration of your project by sharing information in a timely manner. Our consultants work as a hub for the necessary tests and documentation. We offer powerful backup in collaboration with each of our divisions at Axcelead DDP and partnering CROs.
For the in-license candidates you consider, we support due diligence from a third-party stance by utilizing our experience at pharmaceutical companies. If you consider out-licensing your compounds, we would like to propose a dataset that maximizes the attraction of candidate compounds and the timing of out-licensing through consultation. We promise to add extra value to your project by utilizing Modeling & Simulation.
Please consult with us if you have a project that is facing discontinuation due to toxicity issues. With seemingly fatal toxicity, the task may possibly be solved through data interpretation and additional tests. Our consultants at Axcelead DDP have abundant experience with projects moving forward by solving toxicity issues. We support your drug development that should never be given up on by utilizing our knowhow and knowledge.

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