Integrated phenotypic drug discovery solutions

We offer a “one-stop service” with full coverage from phenotypic screening to as well as target deconvolution

Phenotypic screening, which draws upon recent advances in screening tools and pathological cellular
modeling systems, is increasingly being used to screen for small molecular compounds that affect specific
Phenotypic screening can be used to reveal new drug target pathways and identify compounds with
unique mechanisms, such as protein degraders or RNA splicing modulators, which are beyond the scope
of conventional target-based screening techniques.
At the same time, target deconvolution, used to identify target proteins and mechanisms of action for hit compounds, is key to boosting the speed and success of subsequent lead optimization research. Axcelead offers a full range of integrated services, from phenotypic screening through to identification of target molecules/pathways using chemical proteomics with probes and fingerprinting approaches.

Drawing on extensive experience and expertise to offer the latest in phenotypic screening

Two solutions for target deconvolution!

Drug researchers working together to develop new probes

Identification of target molecules using chemical proteomics to perform comprehensive, high-sensitivity binding protein analysis

Axcelead is your first choice for target deconvolution

With a wealth of experience and expertise in drug design and development, Axcelead guarantees you the very best experimental designs.
Our services include chemistry for fast and efficient probe design and synthesis using SAR; proteomics for comprehensive, high-sensitivity pull-down assay of bonded proteins; bioinformatics to identify target molecules via phenotype correlation analysis; and high-speed phenotype verification biology using KD and KO/KI processes.

Target deconvolution via fingerprinting

We supply the MoA and target for any compound based on the unique gene expression data (fingerprint) associated with the changes that occur when the compound is added to the cell line, as well as information held in public databases. Our specially developed analysis algorithms deliver enhanced prediction accuracy.